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You have a beautiful property, but there's one thing missing - a gorgeous green lawn to go along with it. Washington Green Hydroseeding in Pasco, WA can create your dream lawn from scratch. We offer residential, commercial, municipal and industrial hydroseeding services with and without the use of native seeds.

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What seeding methods do we use?

If you want a lush lawn, you'll want our experts on the job. We use a variety of methods to create beautiful lawns, including:

Hydroseeding - using a slurry made with seed, mulch, fertilizer and a bonding agent to coat the ground in a uniform layer
Drill seeding - creating furrows and planting seeds for optimal growth
Broadcast seeding - spreading seeds by scattering them over an area

If you're dealing with erosion or excessive dust, ask about our dust control and erosion control services. Call 509-547-7756 now to make an appointment.

Why should you hire Washington Green Hydroseeding?

When you want to rejuvenate your lawn with new grass, turn to a team you can trust. You'll want our experts on the job because:

We've worked with state departments of transportation, along with city and county governments
We have over 30 years of experience and have been in business since 1995
We serve all of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest

You can trust our skilled crew to enhance your curb appeal. View the Gallery page now to see some of the lawns we've created.

Our Commitment

Washington Green Hydroseeding has proudly provided professional services to our customers in the Pacific Northwest since 1995.

We are committed to providing outstanding customer service, quality products and superior workmanship to meet all project needs.

Our staff takes great pride in their work, and it shows on every job!



  • Native & Introduced Seed Mixes
  • Lawn / Turf / Athletic Fields
  • Dryland Areas / Roadside Projects / Erosion Control
  • Pastures / Orchards
  • Custom Seed Mixes to meet ANY Specification



  • Hydroseeding
  • Drill Seeding
  • Broadcast Seeding



  • Hydromulching
  • Straw Blowing

"We always take pride in every single job, big or small."

Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Government Projects..
We have the experience to handle all types of projects and no job is too big or too small!

Our current service area includes Washington, Oregon and Idaho with our base of operations in Pasco, WA. Please give us a call or use our convenient Contact Page to find out more about our services.