Do High Winds Kick Up Dust at Your Property?

Our experts can make your dust problem disappear

Dirt lots and construction sites are prone to dust flurries, and riverbanks and coastal areas are prone to erosion. Thankfully, Washington Green Hydroseeding can resolve these problems by providing erosion and dust control services. We can hydroseed your property to reduce your risk of incurring fines due to excessive dust, and to help prevent erosion on your property.

Contact us now to resolve your dust and erosion problems once and for all.

Learn more about our solutions

Learn more about our solutions

To prevent erosion and excessive dust, we can also provide hydromulching and straw blowing services.

Hydromulching involves spraying water, fiber mulch and tackifier to prevent soil erosion on slopes and boost the growth of vegetation. If hydromulching isn't beneficial for your property, we can try straw blowing. This technique involves covering soil or newly seeded grass with straw to protect it from the wind. The straw will also retain heat on cold days.

We charge by location, size and seeding type. Ask about our rates for hydromulching or straw blowing services today.